Accepted Paper List

Paper ID Paper Title
1 An AI based Formulated Feedback-System for interpreting conclusive Emotions for a group of people
6 Transfer Learning Model in Deep Neural Network for COVID-19 Prediction from CT Images
8 Comparison between Schottky-Barrier CNTFET with Metallic Electrodes and MOSFET-like CNTFET Holding Doped Electrodes in the Context of Ballistic Transport
9 A Machine Learning Approach for Prediction of Psychiatric Disorder from the Classified Psychiatric Characteristics Using Support Vector Machine
21 Hyper Deep Learning based Load Forecasting
25 Internet of Things (IoT) based Health Monitor Device
26 Vulnerability Detection in Popular Android Applications
27 Efficient Epileptic Seizure Recognition System using the Multi-model Ensemble Method from EEG
30 Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based Automatic COVID-19 Detection from Chest X-ray Images
32 Identification of Influential Features for Diabetes Prediction at Early Stage
33 Prediction of Student Performance in Higher Academy Through Different Data Mining Techniques
41 Bangla Language Dialect Classification using Machine Learning
44 Design and Optimization of a Passive Micromixer with a Double-layered Structure for Rapid Mixing
46 Design and Performance Analysis of Microneedles for Drug Delivery Applications
47 Resiliency analysis of a microgrid-based Hospital during an outage in Texas City
48 Neighborhood Distance Estimation for Tree-Based Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Density Based Data Clustering
51 E-Payment System to Reduce Use of Paper Money for Daily Transactions
52 The Impact of Data Balancing on the Classifier’s Performance in Predicting Cesarean Childbirth
54 DOTA2 Winner Team Prediction based on Stacked Bidirectional LSTM Network
55 Security in MIMO OSFBC OFDM System Over α − µ Fading Channels
76 Masked Face Recognition System using Extended VGG-19
98 Performance Enhancement of Multicast Network with PRSF Strategy under Secrecy Constraint
102 Handcrafted Features Extraction-Based Epileptic Seizure Classification
106 Prediction of Dengue using Machine Learning Algorithms: Case Study Dhaka
107 Improving Performance Factors of an Imbalanced Credit Risk Dataset using SMOTE
117 Bengali Speech Emotion Recognition: A hybrid approach using B-LSTM
118 Design of Low Crosstalk Homogeneous Multicore Fiber with Limited Cladding Diameter
119 Home Automation System Using Programmable Logic Controller
120 Enhanced comparative performance analysis of Double Gate (DG) MOSFET over Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator (FD-SOI) MOSFET
122 Effect of External Electric Field on Stability and Electrical Properties of Monolayer WSTe Alloy
123 A Comparisonal Analysis of Computer Generated Holograms (CGHs) for the Application of Security in Communication System
127 Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Robotic Arm Controlled by Gyroscopically Acceleration
130 Transfer Learning Approach for Saudi Riyal Detection and Recognition
135 Machine Learning Approach to Predict Liver Disease Effectively
137 Inquisition of The Support Vector Machine Classifier in Association with Hyper-parameter Tuning: A Disease Prognostication Model
141 Early Stage Prediction of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Analyzing Different Hyperparameter Tuned Machine Learning Classifier
144 Book Review Sentiment Classification in Bangla using Deep Learning and Transformer Model
146 Real-Time Hemoglobin Measurement Using Smartphone Video and Artificial Neural Network
147 Intelligent Network Architecture for Home Automation and Efficient Solution for Smart Appliance Control in Smart Grid
154 Disguised Face Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network
155 Automatic And Smartphone Controlled Digital Gas Stove With Smart IoT Features Based On Arduino Uno And NodeMCU
160 A Three-Phase to Three-Phase Cycloinverter with Analytical THD Approach for Multipurpose Applications
164 Experimental Investigation of Breakdown Voltage of Old and New Transformer Oil Under Uniform and Non-Uniform Field Conditions
167 A Miniature Planar Inverted-F Antenna Working in C-band Applications
168 Segmented-Sparse-PCA for Hyperspectral Image Classification
173 A Warning and Detection System for Elephant Intrusions utilizing Signal Processing and IoT
174 Cervical Cancer Classification using Machine Learning with Feature Importance and Model Explainability
175 Real-Time and Accurate Monitoring of Social Distance and Contact Tracing during COVID-19 Situation
177 Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Polarizer for Communication and Sensing Applications
181 Performance Analysis of Perovskite Solar Cell with Inorganic Hole Transport Material using SCAPS-1D
182 Inception V3 Based Transfer Learning Model for the Prognosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia from Microscopic Images
187 BornomalaNet: An Effective Approach for Handwritten Bengali Characters Recognition by Using a Low-cost Convolutional Neural Network
191 Real-time Patient Monitoring System to Reduce Medical Error with the help of Database System
193 Design and Characterization of a Ring Shaped Circular Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna for X Band Applications
195 BE-Voting: A Secure Blockchain Enabled Voting System
196 Tunable Infrared Reflective filter Based on Graphene Hyperbolic Metamaterials
198 IoT Based Solar Panel Driven Electric Robot for Rescue Operation in Remote Areas
200 Highly Birefringent Low Loss Hollow Core Nested Antiresonant Fiber
201 MC-NET: Spectral-spatial feature reduction for Hyperspectral Image Classification with optimized technique series
203 Prediction Approach of Breast Cancer using Dimensionality Reduction and Outlier Detection
204 Jointly Learning Structure for Human Pose Estimation using Convolutional Neural Networks
206 A Few-shot Learning Approach for Tomato Leaf Disease Detection Using a Small-Sized Dataset
208 A Novel MAC Scheduling Approach for Mobility based 5G Millimeter Wave Networks
212 Comparative Study of the Effect of Various Color Models on Classification of Parasitic Eggs
220 SP-1: Design and Simulation of 4-bit Simple CPU on Logisim for Computer Architecture Education
221 A Predictive Study of Feature Encoding and Selection Methods on PTM Lysine Glutarylation Site Allocation
222 Quantification and Evaluation of The Energy Efficiency of a Solar-Powered Battery-Coupled Conduction Cooking System
227 Optimal Solar Energy Penetration in South-East Zone of Bangladesh National Power System Grid
228 Road Damage Detection and Classification using Deep Neural Network
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